Case Study: The Efficient Automation Solution to Manual Labor

Case Study: From Manual Labor to Automation

From manual to automatic, here is how the needs of a Michigan automotive sealing component and reinforcement company were met when APEC designed and manufactured automation equipment for them.

Before Automation

The client, an eastern Michigan manufacturer of automotive sealing components and reinforcements, had been processing their products completely by hand. Because of this, their batching, weighing, and measuring system was not very accurate or optimal. In addition, this manufacturing process led to excess waste, poor housekeeping, high labor costs, and was prone to human error.

A Designed Solution

This Michigan manufacturer had done previous business with APEC and valued their skills, delivery, and high-quality processing equipment. This positive partnership led them to contact APEC again in order to design a fully automated system complete with controls, a batching station, a mixing station, and three transfer stations.

After Automation

APEC’s custom-designed equipment solved the issues of housekeeping and waste due to human error. Significantly, since the automated system does not require human intervention, it also allowed the Michigan manufacturer to reduce its labor force. Indeed, they were able to reassign their personnel from processing to other areas within the company that could use additional team members.

The Equipment Automation Advantage with APEC

Designed for precise metering of dry additives, APEC’s automation systems are built as a comprehensive system to meet all of your processing needs. Available in a Volumetric configurations, our in-house engineers are able to customize and assemble any equipment you require and meet all of your specific needs.

With extensive experience, we are proud of the reputation we have built for meeting and exceeding our clients’ needs and expectations. We achieve this through taking the time to fully understand your needs, by providing responsive service (including a 24-hour support line), and using hands-on knowledge of the latest technology.

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